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4X Comp Dollars

Show A A Peppermill Event: 4X Comp Dollars

Play your favorite slots and earn 4X Comp Dollars every Wednesday!

Grow your comps at rapid speeds by swiping your Passport Rewards card at any Super Kiosk to earn 4X Comp Dollars on slots! 

†No cash value. May not be combined with any other offers. Comp multiplier days apply to slot play only. Must swipe your car at a Super Kiosk each day to activate Comp Multipliers. Comp multipliers will be added to your account within 24 hours of play. Management reserves all rights and may change or cancel this offer at any time.





Other Events

4X Comp Dollars

Jan. 1st 2014 to Nov. 25th

Earn 4X Comps on all slots

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Bogg Jazz Quintet

Jul. 26th 2015 to Jul. 29th

A modern jazz group specializing in both classic jazz and new standards

Learn More

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Jul. 30th 2015 to Aug. 1st

A fast-paced, horn-driven rock and roll experience.

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Easton Corbin

Jul. 31st 2015 to Jul. 31st

See country music star, Easton Corbin, perform live at Peppermill's Tuscany Event Center

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Aug. 1st 2015 to Aug. 1st

The reigning king of South Beach at EDGE nightspot

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Kim Lenz and The Jaguars

Aug. 2nd 2015 to Aug. 5th

A rockabilly dynamo with creative songwriting and vocal pipes that will blow you away

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6X Comp Dollar Day

Aug. 2nd 2015 to Aug. 2nd

Earn comps just by playing your favorite slots!

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Hot August Nights 2015

Aug. 3rd 2015 to Aug. 8th

Rev up your engines and race into Peppermill for Hot August Nights 2015

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Deke Dickerson

Aug. 6th 2015 to Aug. 8th

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Deke Dickerson incorporates country, rockabilly, blues, swing and rock

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Slot August Nights

Aug. 9th 2015 to Aug. 10th

Drive home with cash and prizes!

Your chance to drive home with a share of over $40,000 in cash and prizes.

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Kyle Williams

Aug. 9th 2015 to Aug. 12th

A unique blend of soulful acoustic pop.

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Whitney Myer

Aug. 13th 2015 to Aug. 15th

Whitney Myer showcases her soulful voice, intricate rhythms, stacked harmonies and electronic synths

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$30,000 Sweepstakes Weekend

Aug. 14th 2015 to Aug. 15th

One person will take home a grand prize of $5,000 Cash

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5X Comp Dollar Weekend

Aug. 14th 2015 to Aug. 15th

Earn 5X Comps just by playing your favorite slots

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Drew Wesely Trio

Aug. 16th 2015 to Aug. 19th

See the guitarist from Yelsa perform jazz

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6X Comp Dollars August

Aug. 21st 2015 to Aug. 22nd

Earn 6X Comps just by playing your favorite slots!

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Four Color Zack

Aug. 22nd 2015 to Aug. 22nd

See Red Bull Thre3style World Championship, Four Color Zack, live at EDGE

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Sunny Side Up Slot Tournament

Aug. 22nd 2015 to Aug. 23rd

Join us for an egg-ceptional time at Peppermill Reno's Sunny Side Up Slot Tournament

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Verbal Kint

Aug. 23rd 2015 to Aug. 26th

An eclectic acoustic showcase of music.

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August $20,000 Super Charged Drawings

Aug. 23rd 2015 to Aug. 23rd

Ane more chance to win Cash or Free Play this August!

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Loose Change Orchestra

Aug. 27th 2015 to Aug. 29th

A quartet brings a modern voice to prohibition-era jazz and clever original tunes

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Aug. 29th 2015 to Aug. 29th

The original international canned beer festival

The original international canned beer festival.

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Double Header Slot Tournament Round 1

Aug. 30th 2015 to Aug. 31st

Go head to head at our $40,000 Double Header Slot Tournaments

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Keyser Soze Showcase

Sep. 3rd 2015 to Sep. 5th

Keyser Soze plays sets with Chris Murray and The Debonaires

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Great Reno Balloon Race

Sep. 11th 2015 to Sep. 13th

Book your room for the Great Reno Balloon Race

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6X Comp Dollar Weekend September

Sep. 11th 2015 to Sep. 12th

Earn 6X Comps just by playing your favorite slots!

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51st Annual National Championship Air Races

Sep. 16th 2015 to Sep. 20th

A week of sky-high excitement

The excitement is sky-high during the National Championship Air Races

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Street Vibrations

Sep. 23rd 2015 to Sep. 27th

Rev your engines for Street Vibrations, a city-wide celebration of music, metal and motorcycles

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Liam Kyle Cahill

Aug. 30th 2015 to Sep. 2nd

Raw energy and passion fuel the driving sound of this acoustic artist

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October $90,000 Tesla Grand Finale Giveaway

Oct. 2nd 2015 to Oct. 3rd

You could drive home in a brand new Tesla!

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Annual Bocce All-Star Classic

Nov. 12th 2015 to Nov. 15th

Join us for our 29th Annual Bocce All-Star Classic

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