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Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Shot throughout the Biggest Little City, the Arctic Monkeys recently premiered the official music video for “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,” the band’s latest single off their new album of the same name. In just four days, it’s garnered almost 1.4 million views, shooting it up YouTube’s Trending chart almost immediately. 

Alex Turner, lead vocalist and principal songwriter for the Arctic Monkeys, and a small film crew spent two days filming throughout Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in June 2018, and while some of the locations are easy to identify, not all of them are so readily recognizable. Find out exactly where Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino and Peppermill Reno intersect, and then rewatch the music video to see if you can spot them all. 

1: Fireside Lounge 

This was the first location shot inside Peppermill Reno, and it was done before the lounge opened for the day. When the crew needed someone in long-sleeve business attire to hand Alex the phone from off-camera, a team member from Café Milano had to be recruited to make their anonymous music video debut.  

2: Safari Adventure Suite 

Measuring 5,000 square feet with a life-size rhinoceros replica on the bottom floor, Peppermill Reno’s Safari Adventure Suite must been seen to be believed. This was the next stop for Alex and crew, because who can pass up a Jacuzzi tub adorned with a gigantic (fake) elephant head? 

3: Roman Opulence Suite 

Peppermill Reno has not one, but two suites with more square footage than two average homes combined. The Roman Opulence Suite is seen multiple times throughout the music video, including when Alex dashes up the spiral staircase to take a phone call.  Anytime you see lots of gold, it’s likely from somewhere in this suite. 

Bonus – 17th Floor Elevators of Peppermill Tower 

Between filming in the Safari Adventure and Roman Opulence Suites, the crew shot footage of Alex as the sun was setting. You can see the Tuscany Tower out the window behind Alex. 

4: Tuscany Ballroom 

The second night of shooting began just after midnight inside the Tuscany Ballroom. When the crew originally scouted the location, the space had been set up for multiple events and featured a long hallway. However, when they returned for filming, the room had been turned into one large, single event space for a dinner earlier in the evening. Because we’re such big fans of the band, seven team members reconstructed a partial hallway for them at 1 a.m. 

5: Cube Bar 

After finishing inside the Tuscany Ballroom, Alex and the crew set out to film footage of him wandering through the casino. This took place close to 3 a.m., which is why you see so few people at the slot machines surrounding Cube Bar

6: Island Buffet 

As he was strolling through the casino, Alex ventured inside Island Buffet as well. Team members were inside the restaurant cleaning after-hours, and were quite surprised to see a handful of people suddenly walk inside, take a lap, and leave. The mirrored ceiling and rainforest-like canopy are more prominent in the video than the dining booths. 


Bonus: Tuscany Tower Courtesy Phone 

If you want to say you’ve used the same phone as Alex, find this one to the left of the emergency exit stairs next to the Business Center in the Tuscany Tower lobby. Just don’t dial any buttons unless you actually need assistance!