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In today's stressful world, we are plugged into cell phones, pagers, television and laptops. It's time to unwind and plug into something relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable. 

Tune out the noise, stress and worry. Tune into a musical body/mind massage experience that relaxes, inspires and refreshes you with So Sound ™ ART resonating through your treatment table. 

What is ART- Acoustic Resonance Therapy? ART provides an environment for the body/mind to be able to experience the benefits of sound healing in a more integrative way. Feeling the music you hear provides an opportunity for us to come into harmony physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally through stimulating our feeling sense. This synchronization of our body/mind also often expands our awareness. When we begin to listen and feel the music we naturally relax into the harmonic flow.

A Valid Government Photo ID is required for access to the spa and when receiving & purchasing services at Spa Toscana.


Body Therapies

Sugar Body Scrub

25 min - $70


Gently Exfoliate + Moisturize

This all-natural sugar body scrub exfoliates, moisturizes and smoothes your skin to perfection. An incredible combination of oils and cane sugar is whipped together to provide vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential to maintaining beautiful, youthful skin. Choose from seasonal sugar options. 

Blissful Sugar Glow

50 min - $115


Gently Exfoliate + Moisturize

Raw cane sugar harvested from the sun-drenched plantations of Fiji combined with exotic nut oils nourish with vitamins A,B,C and E to exfoliate, cleanse and rehydrate skin. Relax as the sugar is massaged into the skin with coconut milk, to reveal new healthy skin while strengthening elasticity and replenishing moisture, creating the ultimate healthy glow.

Moroccan Hydrating Polish

50 min - $115


Hydration + Exfoliate

Orange peel blended with argan and other natural oils polish away dead skin cells to achieve a healthy glow. We complete your body polish with our antioxidant argan oil and creamy shea butter souffle to drench the skin with intense moisture.

Vichy Scrub Experience

45 min - $115


Exfoliate + Moisturize + Stimulate

Originating in Vichy, France, calming waters flow from a seven-showerhead rain bar to stimulate circulation and create a wonderful sense of relaxation. Choose from one of our seasonal sugar scrubs. This concludes with a lotion application.

Exfoliating Massage

50 min - $120


Exfoliate + Moisturize

A massage is performed using a creamy exfoliant combined with massage oil infused with an endorphin-releasing aromatherapy serum, which has similar mood-enhancing actions as those provided by the sun to simultaneously revitalize the skin and senses. We recommend you take a shower in the locker facilities after this service. 

Detox Seaweed Mud Wrap

50 min - $130


Muscle Relief + Toxin

For tight muscles, joints, and tendons, an intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep within. This treatment leaves your body detoxified, remineralized, and fully oxygenated. Awake from relaxation to a refreshing shower and an application of rich body cream that leaves the surface of the body as beautifully transformed as the inside.

Remineralizing Body Wrap

50 min - $125


Anti-Stress + Anti-Fatigue + Jet Lag Recovery + Moisturizing

If feelings of stress and low energy are creating imbalance, sea water is the perfect solution. An essential oil-infused seawater gel provides all the trace minerals to rebalance sluggish cells, in turn eliminating the cause of many skin and body conditions. This treatment combines the powers of marine therapy and aromatherapy to leave your skin feeling silky and the body calmly re-energized, especially after the hydrating, skin-firming final moisturizer

Espresso Limon Slimming Wrap

80 min - $185


Exfoliate + Toning

Embrace your body with this pure, potent and effective body wrap. Coffee, known for its detoxifying and firming effects, is infused with hints of Italian lemon and cinnamon to further purify and tone your body. This wrap is also rich in antioxidants that will nurture your body while diminishing the look of cellulite, making skin appear firm and tight.

Moroccan Ritual Wrap

50 min - $120/80 min - $185


Repleneshing + Nourishing

This ritual begins with a gentle dry brush to prepare the skin for our repleneshing hydrating mask, which restores skin's elasticity and nourishes the body. Relax in a warm body wrap featuring argan oil, chamomile water and vitamin E, while receiving a customized scalp massage.

Contouring Marine Body Wrap

80 min - $185


Detoxify + Slim + Energize

Iodine, a natural trace minteral, is vital to keep metabolism running efficiently, and this seaweed body mask is rich in it. As the body absorbs iodine throughout the treatment, thyroid function will be enhanced to aid in a slimming program. After the wrap, your body is generously moisturized with contouring cream to further combat excess weight and cellulite. A series of treatments will optimize long-term results.

Lavender Dreams

80 min - $185


Exfoliate + Thermal Therapy + Poultice Massage Techniques

This unique exfoliating relaxation experience seduces the senses and leaves the skin exquisitely silky. After marine oil and salt gently polish the skin, steamed, fragrant linen bundles, filled with marine salt crystals and lavender buds, deliver warmth throughout the massage. Inhale hypnotic perfume as the sachets are pressed onto aching muscles and energy meridians. Massage movements are combined with pressure points and stretching to unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body.