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Employment Openings

Peppermill General ApplicationPeppermill RenoVIEW
Advertising CoordinatorPeppermill RenoAdvertisingVIEW
Arcade AttendantPeppermill RenoArcadeVIEW
Arcade TechnicianPeppermill RenoArcadeVIEW
Cage Assistant SupervisorPeppermill RenoCage/VaultVIEW
Cage CashierPeppermill RenoCage/VaultVIEW
Vault CashierPeppermill RenoCage/VaultVIEW
Cleaning Textile TechnicianPeppermill RenoCleaningVIEW
Porter (Male) - $15.00Peppermill RenoCleaningVIEW
Porter - $15.00Peppermill RenoCleaningVIEW
Corporate WarehousePeppermill RenoCorporate Office (PCI)VIEW
User Support Desk / PC TechnicianPeppermill RenoCorporate Office (PCI)VIEW
CarpenterPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
ElectricianPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Hood & Duct TechnicianPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Hotel EngineerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
HVAC TechnicianPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
LaborerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
PainterPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
PlumberPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Pool TechnicianPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Quality Control EngineerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Tile InstallerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
UpholstererPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Upholstery SeamstressPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Utility EngineerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Wallpaper HangerPeppermill RenoEngineeringVIEW
Assistant Master Cook - $18.00Peppermill RenoF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Assistant Master Cook Bimini (Steakhouse) - $18.00Peppermill RenoF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Cooks Helper - $15.00Peppermill RenoF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Sushi CookPeppermill RenoF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Banquet CaptainPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Banquet Coordinator - $18.00Peppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
BarbackPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Barback - Terrace/Fireside LoungePeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
BartenderPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Bartender - OceanoPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Bus PersonPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Cocktail ServerPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Cocktail Server - Terrace LoungePeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Food ServerPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Host / CashierPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Restaurant Asstistant ManagerPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Spa Food ServerPeppermill RenoF&B (Service)VIEW
Casino Pit SupervisorPeppermill RenoGamingVIEW
Craps / Multi-Games DealerPeppermill RenoGamingVIEW
Dealer (Table Games)Peppermill RenoGamingVIEW
Sportsbook WriterPeppermill RenoGamingVIEW
Hotel Front Desk Agent - $17.00Peppermill RenoHotelVIEW
Hotel Front Desk Relief SupervisorPeppermill RenoHotelVIEW
Hotel Front Desk SupervisorPeppermill RenoHotelVIEW
Housekeeping Assistant ManagerPeppermill RenoHousekeepingVIEW
Room Attendant - $20.00Peppermill RenoHousekeepingVIEW
Shampoo SpecialistPeppermill RenoHousekeepingVIEW
HR Bilingual CoordinatorPeppermill RenoHuman ResourcesVIEW
Laundry AttendantPeppermill RenoLaundryVIEW
Laundry Tunnel OperatorPeppermill RenoLaundryVIEW
Players Service RepresentativePeppermill RenoPassport RewardsVIEW
Pool AttendantPeppermill RenoPool & FitnessVIEW
Pool LifeguardPeppermill RenoPool & FitnessVIEW
Hotel Operator (PBX) - $15.00Peppermill RenoReservationsVIEW
Reservation Agent - $18.00Peppermill RenoReservationsVIEW
Boutique Sales AssociatePeppermill RenoRetailVIEW
Gift Shop AttendantPeppermill RenoRetailVIEW
Sales CoordinatorPeppermill RenoSalesVIEW
Security Officer - $18.50Peppermill RenoSecurityVIEW
Slot Cleaning SpecialistPeppermill RenoSlotsVIEW
AestheticianPeppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Massage TherapistPeppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Nail TechnicianPeppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Spa Concierge - $15.00Peppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Spa Personal Host (Female) - $15.00Peppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Spa Personal Host (Male) - $15.00Peppermill RenoSpa ToscanaVIEW
Kitchen Specialist - $18.00Peppermill RenoStewardingVIEW
Kitchen Specialist LeadPeppermill RenoStewardingVIEW
Steward - $15.00Peppermill RenoStewardingVIEW
Surveillance Video TechnicianPeppermill RenoSurveillanceVIEW
Audio Visual TechnicianPeppermill RenoTechnical Services (AV)VIEW
Event Production TechnicianPeppermill RenoTechnical Services (AV)VIEW
Television TechnicianPeppermill RenoTechnical Services (AV)VIEW
Bell PersonPeppermill RenoTransportationVIEW
Wardrobe Attendant - $14.50Peppermill RenoWardrobeVIEW
Warehouse Receiver - $15.50Peppermill RenoWarehouseVIEW
Western Village General ApplicationWestern VillageVIEW
Western Village Accounting/Receiving ClerkWestern VillageAccountingVIEW
Western Village Cage / Vault CashierWestern VillageCage/VaultVIEW
Western Village Cage Assistant SupervisorWestern VillageCage/VaultVIEW
Western Village Cage Shift SupervisorWestern VillageCage/VaultVIEW
Western Village Cleaning Textile TechnicianWestern VillageCleaningVIEW
Western Village Porter - $15.00Western VillageCleaningVIEW
Western Village Engineer IWestern VillageEngineeringVIEW
Western Village Assistant Master Cook (Line Cook) - $18.00Western VillageF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Western Village Cooks Helper- $15.00Western VillageF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Western Village BarbackWestern VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Bus PersonWestern VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Bus Person (Café Bellini) - $15.00Western VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Cashier/Cooks Helper(Primo)Western VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Cocktail ServerWestern VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Food ServerWestern VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Food Server (Café Bellini) - $15.00Western VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Host / CashierWestern VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Warehouse Receiver - $15.50Western VillageF&B (Service)VIEW
Western Village Front Desk Agent / Promotion HostWestern VillageHotelVIEW
Western Village Front Desk Agent / Promotion Host (w/ Bonus)Western VillageHotelVIEW
Western Village Lead Front Desk/Passport AgentWestern VillageHotelVIEW
Western Village Gift Shop AttendantWestern VillageRetailVIEW
Western Village Security Officer - $18.50Western VillageSecurityVIEW
Western Village Slots Service RepresentativeWestern VillageSlotsVIEW
Western Village Kitchen Cleaning SpecialistWestern VillageStewardingVIEW
Western Village Steward - $15.00Western VillageStewardingVIEW
Western Village Steward SupervisorWestern VillageStewardingVIEW
Western Village F&B Receiver - $15.50Western VillageWarehouseVIEW
Las Vegas CookLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Las Vegas Prep CookLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Culinary)VIEW
Las Vegas Assistant Restaurant ManagerLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas BartenderLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas Bus PersonLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas Cocktail ServerLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas Food ServerLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas Host/CashierLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas PorterLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW
Las Vegas Warehouse ReceiverLas Vegas RestaurantF&B (Service)VIEW

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