Corporate Pilot (Captain)


Peppermill Casinos, Inc., a privately held company, is seeking an experienced pilot to command its Citation XLS in a Part 91 environment.  The pilot will be required to serve as co-captain.  The position to be filled is full time and permanent.  Pilot must be willing to relocate.


The majority of the trips are between properties in Nevada and other destinations in California.  The flight team consists of a three pilot crew including the Chief Pilot.  Pilots are home almost every night; however, it may be necessary to stay with the aircraft on occasion.  The position offers competitive pay, a 401k plan, health, dental and vision benefits.


Responsibilities and Duties

The Corporate Pilot is responsible for safe and efficient operation while in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations, rules, directives, aircraft flight manuals and company procedures and policies.  The Corporate Pilot will be ultimately responsible for the well-being of the passengers, crew and aircraft.  The Corporate Pilot will report to the Chief Pilot and may perform additional duties as assigned.



  • MEL ATP License

  • Citation 560 XLS Type or other jet type rating preferred

  • A&P certification is a plus

  • Valid U.S. Passport



Additional Information

LocationPeppermill RenoDepartmentCorporate Office (PCI)
Shift PreferenceVariesHourly/SalarySalary
Employment DurationFULLTIME  

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